Planned litters

We don't have any puppies right now!
Our next litter is planned for the end of 2021/beginning of 2022, more information will come this fall. We don't have an active interest list for this litter yet, it will be started later on. We don't take reservations before the puppies are born and we don't have a queuing system, we match the right puppy to the right home based on the puppy's characteristics and what the intended owner wants to do with his/her dog.

Puppy info

Puppies from us are delivered when they are at least 8 weeks of age and will then be:
• Registered in the Swedish Kennel Club (FCI)
• Veterinary inspected
• Microchipped
• Hidden faults insured
• Dewormed
• Vaccinated
• Fed puppy food from Arion
• Very handled and socialized

We want you as a puppy buyer to:
• Do a mentality description of your dog between 12-18 months of age (Depending on which country you live in)
• HD & ED x-ray your dog between 12-24 months of age


If you are interested in a puppy from us, send an email to If you want to talk over the phone, send a text message to +46 72 200 11 78 and we will call you when we have time.

In your inquiry we want to know what your plans are for your future dog, what the dog's everyday life will look like, how you plan to activate your dog physically and mentally and why you have chosen to get an aussie. We only sell puppies to active homes.